How to Grade with PSA

J&J’s Sports (, located in Loganville, GA, offers the finest PSA and SGC grading and submission services for sports cards in the SouthEast (open Monday-Saturday since 1991) and also works with collectors from all over the globe with sports card submissions.
Here are a list of other services that we offer and remember, we were selected as Topps Retailer of the Year for the US and our owner Joe Davis was inducted into the Sports Collectibles Industry Hall of Honor in 2022, so you can expect stellar service when you work with our award-winning team!


1. Grading & Authentication Submission Services

We have been assisting collectors with graded card submissions as an authorized PSA dealer dating back to 1998, the same year we also started submitting cards to SGC as well. We also work with both BGS, CGC, and PSA/DNA for collectors who wish to submit their cards to any of these companies. For autographed cards and memorabilia, we work with both PSA/DNA and BAS (Beckett). Grading cards and authenticating items can often be the best way to make the cards or items more “liquid” in terms of resale value. We are able to process cards from the late 1800s all the way up to new releases from Topps, Panini, Leaf, and Upper Deck. For more information and current pricing, please visit our grading page.

2. Pre-Screening Services

We do handle more graded submissions than any other store in the state as we are one of the 10 largest submitters in the country, but there are other shops that take submissions as well. What sets us apart in this area is both our pricing (the cheapest in the state), and our expert pre-screening services, where we will take your cards and examine them for flaws in the condition, and then return those back to you for only $2 along with information as to why the cards did not meet our standard. This saves you 90% of the grading fee on cards that should not be submitted. For cards that do pass our rigorous screening standards, it is still only an additional $2 on top of the grading fees. I’ve personally screened and graded tens of thousands of cards myself and Doug Giles (our head grader) has also been in the hobby for many decades and is a trusted expert who has assisted thousands of submitters with screening their cards.

3. Consignment Services

In addition to prescreening and grading, we offer the industry’s best “Grade to Consign” program, where you can submit your raw, ungraded cards, and we will review them to determine which cards are worth submitting for grading. Once the cards come back from the respective grading companies, we can then list your items on eBay with strategic, researched pricing to help you maximize the resale of your cards. If you already have cards or memorabilia of value that you’d like us to list for you, we can put those items into consignment as well. For more details on this program, you can visit our consignment page.

4. Collection Evaluation Services

For a small fee, we can provide evaluations on collections and we even waive the fee if we end up purchasing the collection.
You can visit our buying page for more details on items we are looking for.

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