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  • Pre-screening by our expert team @ only $2/card.  Can potentially save you a lot of money.
  • Return shipping to you after grading = (1 – 5 Cards for $15; 6 or more at $20).  This includes ‘Signature Required’.
  • Opportunities to consign your graded cards and get cash advances

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Quick Submit

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PSA Value

As low as $19
3 Month Turnaround

PSA Regular

As low as $70/card
20 Day Turnaround

SGC Sports

As low as $15/card
3-4 Week Turnaround

BGS Special

As low as $24/card
4-5 Month Turnaround

Got Questions?
We’ve Got Answers! Check out our FAQ’s below!!!

How can I trust sending my cards to you?

We have been in business since 1991. We have been submitting cards to grading companies longer than any other group submitter, dating back to 1998 with PSA and SGC (even before BGS was in existence). Our company was awarded retailer of the year by Topps in 2019 and we were chosen to represent eBay in a national advertising campaign for our hobby because we know how to take care of our customers and their cards. We are also the grading service of choice for our friends at Sports Card Investor and they have featured us on many episodes regarding card grading. We have over 3000 submitters that use our services and we take pride in treating every order like they are our own prized cards. We too are collectors and we understand how much your cards mean to you.

What is the current pricing and turnaround times for each company?

Though each company has multiple service levels at different price points, here are the the current entry level prices and turnaround times. The pricing varies depending on quantities submitted.

PSA – As low as $20/card, 2-3 months
SGC – As low as $19/card, < 1 month
BGS – As low as $20/card, 4-5 months
CSG – As low as $12.50/card, 3 weeks

What are the biggest advantages to using your services over sending my cards to a grading company directly?

In general, we receive faster turnaround times than the general public receives, we provide free pre-screening and counterfeit detection (a modest $2 charge per card not recommended for grading), we help you evaluate what you should submit, and we are able to provide you with real-time updates on your orders. When you want to work with a professional team, we are here for you.

Where do I ship my cards, how should I send them and what do I ship my cards in?

Please ship to 

2970 Rosebud Road
Loganville Ga 30052

We recommend that you ship via USPS, Fedex or UPS with signature confirmation. Please include one submission form per grading company that you wish to use. We request that you use either card savers or top loads to send your cards to us (not screw downs or magnetic cases which slows down our processing time).

How do you keep from mixing my cards up with someone else’s order?

From the minute your order arrives,  your package is opened and your cards are checked in under security cameras. Your paperwork then stays with your order until your cards are submitted to your selected grading company or companies. Each submission invoice is itemized line by line by submitter and entered into our master database which we can cross reference by submitter, date of submission, service level, number of cards, etc. We also never submit the same card from two different submitters on the same invoice to avoid any mixups at the grading companies. When your cards come back from grading, they are again checked in under security cameras and broken down by submitter as we cross check with your original invoices. We have multiple full-time staff that are devoted to processing graded cards  for customers and additional customer service staff to assist you with your orders. This is a process we have refined and developed over 24 years of submitting for customers.

When do I have to pay my grading fees?

PSA/BGS – We require pre-payment for all PSA submissions and higher level BGS submissions (standard level and higher). Once we have received your cards and pre-screened them, we will reach out to you to arrange payment (via Paypal Invoice) before sending your cards to PSA or BGS. 

SGC/CSG & PSA/DNA – For these submissions, you can pay after the cards come back from the grading companies; however, we do reserve the right to request payment up front if the value of your cards are worth less than the grading costs that you will owe.

What is your processing time between when you receive my cards and when you ship them off?

We ship out multiple times per week. Your cards typically do not stay in our possession over 48-72 hours.

How am I updated on the progress of my submissions?

For PSA, we send out status updates 3 times a week for any orders in our system that have moved from one stage to another. If you haven’t received an email update, 99% of the time it is because there is nothing new to tell you.

SGC has been turning orders around in less than 1 month, so we have not been receiving updates from them. BGS and CSG have also not been providing progress updates, but we do contact you as soon as your order arrives back from any of the above companies.

How quickly do you ship cards back to me once they’ve been returned from the grading company?

We contact you as soon as we receive your cards back,  confirm your shipping info, and verify if you’d like to add insurance to your return shipment. We ship out Monday-Saturday.

Can I send in cards for different service levels and/or different grading companies?

Yes – this is one of many benefits of submitting with us. You can send cards for multiple companies and multiple service levels all in one shipment to us. Just remember, when you have cards going at different levels and/or to different companies, the fees per card and your processing times will vary so you will have multiple return shipments coming back.

Why do I have to list out all of my cards? Why can’t I just send them all in bulk?

Due to the thousands of submitters that send cards through us, we have to receive an itemized inventory list that includes your information with each shipment. We use that list to quickly check in your cards before pre-screening.

How do I calculate the estimated value of each card on the spreadsheet?

We recommend that you use eBay completed listings for your card in a similar condition. For modern cards, you can use the average sale price for raw cards. In rare occasions, PSA will upcharge your fee based upon the final grade of your card and what the new market value is. Other companies charge flat fees based upon turnaround times.

What exactly is a PSA upcharge?

PSA has tiered pricing based upon the value of the cards submitted. If the grade received pushes the card into another value tier, then PSA will “uncharge” us from one tier to another. Customers are responsible for these upcharges on the rare occasions that they occur. Example – a card submitted at Economy Level can only be worth $999 or less. After the card is graded, if PSA determines the value is now worth $1000-$2499, you would then be billed at the “regular” value tier instead. Upcharges are billed after the cards come back from PSA.

What is your process for pre-screening and does it cost extra?

While many other group submitters charge $3-$5 per card for this service, we prescreen at no charge upon your request. We do not guarantee any grades, we simply judge your cards using the same standards we use for our own cards to try and eliminate any that are not (in our opinion) worthy of grading at the time of submission. We charge a modest $2 on the cards that we reject, which ultimately saves our customers tens of thousands of dollars each year in grading fees.

What happens with my cards if any are rejected for grading?

Our general policy is to ship these to you with your graded cards once they come back from the grading companies. Upon request, we can ship these back sooner in a separate shipment at your expense.

Can you process grading for customers outside the USA?

Yes, we process submissions for customers all over the globe. The costs are exactly the same other than the return shipping/insurance back to the submitter. Once your cards are ready to ship back and you let us know how much insurance coverage you want, we can let you know your return shipping cost. We ship using DHL for the safest, most secure method of international shipping. 

Can you ship my cards back to my PWCC Vault, other vaults, or COMC account?

Yes, you just have to provide us with the proper shipping information and any related documentation if needed.

I have cards already graded from other companies that I want graded by one of the companies you offer. Can you help me with that?

We are not currently offering “Crossover” services due to the huge volume of regular raw-card submissions we are processing and the fact that the crossover rate has been so incredibly low for ones we submitted for customers over the last year. We’ve seen customers have much more success by cracking out their old slabs and simply submitting to the new company of their choice.

Can you sell my cards for me after they come back from grading?

Yes, we do offer a consignment program on graded cards. We charge a flat 25% which covers all listing fees, sales fees, credit card fees, shipping, etc., so you receive 75% of the final sales price when we sell your cards for you on eBay. There are also discounted fees on high dollar sales. See our consignment page for more information.

Will you clean my cards for me?

If you own chrome stock cards (Prizm, Optic, Select, etc), we do recommend that you wipe them before submitting, but this is not a service that we offer as this creates a possible liability issue on our end. We do not do anything to alter your card in any way once we receive it. Some companies offer to do this as a paid service per card, but we recommend that you save your money and do it yourself before shipping your cards out as it takes only a few seconds per card.