SGC Grading Overview

Ready to Submit?

Pre-payment is required to process all SGC orders before they are shipped to SGC.

It's Tuxedo Time! SGC Submissions with GotBaseballCards

Ready to cash in on your investments or preserve your personal collection? GotBaseballCards is here to help.

Submit your cards with us and we will take care of the heavy lifting whether you want to submit with SGC, BGS, CSG, or PSA -- or some combination!

  • Sports Cards - Regular

    (3 week turnaround)

    • $17/card
    • $16/card 10+ cards

    No upcharges on cards from 2001 to present. Free autograph grades on all cards that grade a 10 autograph.

  • TCG - Regular

    (3 week turnaround)

    • $14/card
    • $13/card 10+ cards

Insurance: Customers have the option to pay for return insurance at a rate of $1 per $100 of coverage.

Prescreening Service

We offer an optional Pre-Screening Service.

Pass/Fail Pre-Screening - $2/card (only available for Value Bulk PSA, SGC, and CGC submissions)

Detailed Pre-Screening - $4/card (required when requesting screening for service levels higher than Value Bulk and available by request at any service level & for any grading company).

Our expert screeners screen for 9's and 10's, and "reject" cards determined to be 8 or lower.

(Note: This prescreening standard applies to ultra-modern cards. Any other cards, such as Vintage cards, are approved if they have potential value greater than the grading fee in their current condition.)

Our Pass/Fail screening does not include markups and details.

Our Detailed screening includes markups and details on why cards are rejected.

All screening services include pictures and email communication for rejected cards.

Rejects are returned to you in the same shipment as your graded cards (once they return from grading).

  • Competitive Pricing

    We believe in honest, up-front pricing. When you submit with us, the price you see is the price you pay for your cards to be graded (except in cases of a SGC upcharge OR a pre-screen reject -see FAQ for more details)

    • Optional Pre-Screening costs $2 for pass/ fail and $4 for detailed screening (includes detailed markups). Both screening options include pictures for all rejected cards.
    • Flat Rate Return Shipping is $15 for 1-5 Graded Cards and $20 for 6+ Graded Cards
    • Optional Shipping Insurance (only $1 per $100/value)
  • Rapid Processing

    We do everything in our power to get your cards to SGC and back to you as quickly as possible.

    • Same or next day check-in of your incoming shipments
    • We ship to SGC multiple days per week
    • Same or next day return shipping of your graded orders
  • Flexible Payments

    We do not require up front payment of fees. We also offer options to cover your fees after cards are graded.

    • Grading is not billed until your order is delivered to us from SGC
    • Option to consign your cards with us after you have paid your grading fees