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Thank you for your interest in consigning your cards for sale through GotBaseballCards! When you consign with us, you are working with industry experts and a highly experienced team that has been handling other customer’s cards for decades!
We have such a great working relationship with eBay that our owner Joe Davis was featured in a national advertising campaign for eBay promoting sports cards sales (click below to view).
Why Consign? 
Saves you time. Avoids eBay stress. Gives you access to our 6.2K eBay followers.
Our Consignment Process: We list graded cards for auction on eBay with a reasonable minimum bid to protect you.

Our Costs: 
  • Minimum charge of $7.50 per item to list your card.
  • Our standard rate is 25% for any completed sale less than $1000 (that includes all listing, selling, and credit card fees, etc.).
  • For any item sold at $1000 and higher, we offer a flat 20% fee.
  • If you prefer in-store or grading credit rather than a check, those percentages are 5% lower respectively.
  • Examples:
    • Card 1: Your card is listed for 1 – 2 months and never sells, it still costs $7.50 for us to list your card that first time.
    • Card 2: Your card sells for $40, you receive $30 (75% of sale).
    • Card 3: Your card sells for $1200, you receive $960 (80% of sale).
    • If you prefer in-store or grading credit, you’d receive $36 for ‘Card 2’ (80% of sale), and $1,020 for ‘Card 3’ (85% of sale).
  • Cards are sold at auction on eBay using our GotBaseballCards brand. You can set the minimum acceptable bid; otherwise, we will set the minimum price for you.


  • We offer cash advances for high value cards, reach out if that is something that interests you.
  • Payouts will be issued upon request from the consigner or once all consigned items have been sold, and is available after the eBay payment is finalized for your card.
  • We offer payouts by PayPal (up to $500) or physical check, you can choose your method of payment.


Gold-Level Consigner Marketing Package:
  • Any card submitted for consignment that is valued at more than $2,500 will receive its own marketing plan, which includes social media posts and special highlights on our weekly email newsletter that reaches over 30,000 collectors.

Want to view your PSA cards before consigning?
  • Go to:
  • This will give you pictures of the front and back of the card, plus card detail, and a POP report.
  • PSA certificate numbers are in numerical order.
  • If you have 9 cards starting with cert number 69786213, enter your cert number and increase the number by 1 as you review each of your cards.


How do I get started?

Simply fill out our easy Consignment Form and list the cards you would like us to sell for you, then ship to our address below. Please ship with insurance and signature required for your protection.

2970 Rosebud Road
Loganville Ga 30052
Attn: Consignments
Let us know how we can assist you with grading and selling your cards today!
The GotBaseballCards Consignment Team | 770-736-9998


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Avid sports card collector and longtime seller Joe Davis turned his childhood hobby into a flourishing business on eBay.

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