We are here to assist you with PSA. We have been an authorized PSA dealer since 1998 and submit thousands of cards each month. We offer FREE PRE-SCREENING of your cards and ship back your rejects to you at NO CHARGE. Just request pre-screening on your paperwork.

Costs For PSA Submissions (Effective 10/26/20) – prices include prescreening, grading, shipping, and insurance to PSA, back from PSA, and back to the customer. Due to insurance costs on submissions over $100 per card, we do bill the customer the return S/H back to them on those orders.  Use eBay completed sales on raw cards as a guideline for values.  Note that turnaround times are estimates, not guarantees. We ship out to PSA multiple times per week to expedite the process from our end. Note that crossover service from other grading companies can also be submitted at the same levels listed below. Thank You!
Questions? Send to [email protected].

  • ULTRA MODERN 2017-PRESENT (Up to $99 value/card)
    (SHIPPING/INSURANCE INCLUDED-Turnaround 4-6 months)


    • $20/Card (minimum 10)
    • $19/Card (25+)
    • $18/Card (50+)
  • MODERN & VINTAGE 2016 & OLDER (Up to $99 value/card)
    (SHIPPING/INSURANCE INCLUDED-Turnaround 4-6 months)


    • $16/Card (minimum 10)
    • $15/Card (25+)
    • $14/Card (50+)
  • NON-SPORTS TCG (Up to $99 value/card)(Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Etc)
    (SHIPPING/INSURANCE INCLUDED- Turnaround 4-6 months)


    • $14/Card (minimum 10)
    • $13/Card (25+)
    • $12/Card (50+)
  •  FASTER OPTION (2-3 months) – UP TO $500 value per card, any years)


    •  $30/Card (minimum 10)
    •  $29/Card (25+)
    •  $28/Card (50+)
    • $65/card (Value up to $999/card
    • $100/card  (Value up to $2499/card)
    • $250/card (Value up to $4999/card)
    • $575/card (Value up to $9999/card)
  • PSA REVIEW SERVICE of Cards that are already graded.
    • $16/Card (minimum 10 – up to $999 Value) Plus Return S/H
    • $30/Card (minimum 5 – up to $4999 Value) Plus Return S/H
  • AUTOGRAPH CARD AUTHENTICATION(These are plus return s/h)
    • $20/Card (minimum 10 – up to $99 Value)
    • $25/Card  (minimum 5  – up to $249 Value)
    • $30/Card  (minimum 5  – up to $499 Value)
    • $65/Card  (minimum 5  – up to $999 Value)
    • $100/Card (up to $2499 value)

Please note that at times, PSA will “upcharge” a card on an order, if the grade
received pushes the card into another value tier. Customers are responsible for
these upcharges on the rare occasions that they occur, typically on cards that have graded a 10 and increased in value between the time they were submitted and graded.

Please ship cards in soft sleeves and semi-rigids to:
J & J’s Sports
2970 Rosebud Road
Loganville, GA 30052
ATTN: Grading

To create an inventory list, you may use this simple spreadsheet (PSA-sample file) or download a copy of this Google Sheet.  VERY IMPORTANT – Please fill out the portion at the top to include your name, email, shipping address, phone, and indicate whether you want us to send all cards for grading or to pre-screen. Email your completed spreadsheet back to us at [email protected] and include a hard copy with your cards.  We CANNOT send your cards to PSA without an itemized list.  Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you may have. Pre Payment Link – paypal.me/gotbaseballcards