The GotBaseballCards Vision

"The greatest among you will be your servant" - Matthew 23:11
The words above attributed to Jesus lay the foundation for what our company strives to be in the sports collectibles industry.
Our vision for years has been to lead our industry in serving collectors both locally and globally. Yes, we have a huge selection of sports cards both in store and online, but others have a bigger selection. Yes we are one of the largest submitters in the world to PSA, but there are a tiny number that submit more than us. I learned many years ago that always striving to be bigger than the next company would just divert our focus from what really matters. 
Our company mission is to
 "Honor God in all that we do as we serve collectors both locally and globally."
So what does that really mean to effectively serve others in this industry? Our vision is to assist collectors by handling many of the most complicated tasks in the industry so that they don't have to.
Below are just a few examples of us trying to live out this principle:

Each week through our grading program, we take in thousands of cards from collectors who need assistance in having their cards graded and/or authenticated. We not only submit the cards to one of the four leading grading companies, but we also assist the submitter by first reviewing the cards for authenticity and screening them for condition (if requested) to help the submitter know what should and should not be submitted. We save collectors countless  thousands of dollars every year through this process.

Each week through our consignment program, we also assist collectors by selling their items for them on eBay, in our store, and at shows across the country. We have been a leading eBay seller since 1998, and back in 2000, I spent time with their then president Meg Whitman in meetings with other leading eBay sellers discussing the idea of a new program called "Buy it Now" which of course is now a hallmark of their entire website and our industry.
Three years ago, eBay chose our company to be the focal point of a national advertising campaign to promote the sale of sports cards on their site. I still remember the day my son Josh (who lives on the opposite end of the country), was watching a Lakers game while we were on the phone and he said "Dad, you just appeared on my TV!"
We are proud to help collectors who work with us get maximum exposure for their cards through our eBay channel, through social media, email marketing, and more.
We also assist collectors with autograph authentication by hosting Beckett Authentication in our store multiple times per year so that collectors do not have to mail their items off.
We also host regular trade nights in our store where we open up for the community to come and bring their cards in to buy, sell, and trade with each other. We love to provide a safe space for collectors young and old to embrace and enjoy this hobby.
We regularly travel across the county to meet with collectors face to face to provide advice and take in cards for grading, authentication, and consignment. We can't get to every show, but in the past year have been to Burbank, Dallas, Nashville, Atlanta, Chicago, Birmingham, and more to come in 2024! This year we will have 600 square feet at the National where we will be processing both submissions and consignment on site.
After 33 years in the hobby, our company continues to grow and develop, and our goal is to continue to find other ways through which we can be the leading service provider in the industry. We hope that we can serve you today as well!
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