Ready to get your autographs  authenticated by PSA/DNA?

We're here to help. Submit your items for autograph authentication with us and we will take care of the heavy lifting.


Proudly serving customers since 1991. Authorized PSA Dealer since 1998 and "Preferred" status group submitter. Expert services from a nationally recognized industry leader. Not only are we a partner you can trust, you also get these benefits when submitting with us:

No Hidden Fees

We believe in honest, up-front pricing. When you submit with us, the price you see is the price you pay for your items to be authenticated

  • Free Return Shipping (for all orders of 10 items or more)
  • Optional Insurance (only $1 per $100/value)

Rapid Processing

While we can’t speed up PSA’s turnaround time, we do everything in our power to get your items to PSA and back to you as quickly as possible.

  • Same or next day check-in of your incoming shipments
  • We ship to PSA multiple days per week
  • Same or next day return shipping of your orders

All-Inclusive Pricing

No hidden fees. Transparency. Clear Communication.
That's the GotBaseballCards Guarantee.

PSA/DNA Authentication & Encapsulation: 4-5 Month Turnaround
(Trading Cards, Note Cards, CD Covers, and other Flat Items)
  • $18 per item
  • $16 per item (25+ items)
    *We do not accept memorabilia-- only flat items at this time

    **Pricing for all premium signers is 20% off list price on PSA's website (click here for pricing)
    Authenticated and encapsulated item slabs will just say "Trading Card", "Note Card", "CD Cover" - etc. There is NO authentication of the actual item, just authentication of the autograph on the item.
    All prices listed above include authentication and encapsulation fees, and shipping and insurance to PSA and back from PSA. We cover return shipping back to customers for orders of 10 items or more, customers have the option to pay for return insurance at a rate of $1 per $100 of coverage. Billing is typically done at the time the orders are received back from PSA; however, Gotbaseballcards reserves the right to require up front pre-payment if necessary given the value of the items submitted.

    Follow the steps below to get started with your submission!

    Download and fill out one of our submission excel spreadsheets via the links in the form below

    Once you've filled out your submission spreadsheet, please return to this page and attach/upload the file via the form below

    Fill out the rest of the form by providing your contact information and then press Submit to share your info with our team

    Ship your cards with a printed copy of your spreadsheet included

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. When do I have to pay my grading fees?
    Gotbaseballcards now requires pre-payment for all PSA and BGS submissions. Once we have received your cards and pre-screened them, we will reach out to you to arrange payment (e.g., Paypal Invoice) before sending your cards to PSA or BGS. We ship to PSA on a first come, first served basis and only submit cards to PSA after the customer has paid for their order.
    2. What is your processing time between when you receive my items and when you ship them to PSA?
    We do our best to process your items within a few business days of arrival at our processing center. We ship to PSA/DNA once a week.
    3. How quickly do you ship items back to me once they’ve been returned by PSA?
    We typically ship orders back to customers within 24 hours after receiving back from PSA.
    4. Why does the slab only say "Trading Card"?
    PSA/DNA East Coast Division does not grade the autograph or authenticate the item or the card itself; they only authenticate the autograph. This is PSA/DNA's cost-saving measure to keep the cost low for the consumer and the turnaround time as fast as possible. The slab will identify the name of the individual who signed the card and indicate what type of card or flat item it is (notecard, trading card, etc.) but it will not specify a manufacturer or other identifying information.

    Wondering how to prepare, pack, and ship us your cards?

    Follow the simple instructions below, or, for more information, check out our Youtube video tutorial on how to pack your cards for grading.
    1. Sleeve your cards in penny sleeves and semi rigids or toploads (please do not use tape or tabs on the sleeves)
    2. Pack your cards securely to protect them from shifting in transit
    3. Print your inventory form and include in your shipment
    4. Use insured, trackable shipping via USPS, FedEx, or UPS
    5. Ship to GotBaseballCards, 2970 Rosebud Road SW, Loganville, GA 30052

    Tutorial: How to Pack Your Cards for Grading

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