Fantasy Sports Breaks Football Kids Edition Hanger


Fantasy Sports Breaks is the best repack product on the market. It combines hits of current rookies and stars with hits of past rookies, veterans, & hall of famers.

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Each box of Fantasy Sports Breaks contains 2 hits. The hits are either enclosed in Ultra Pro one touch holders or have been slabbed and already graded.

The boxes also contain 2 packs. The packs are from previous products that have released for that particular sport and can be current or from past years and could be from a variety of different manufacturers depending on the year.

Fantasy Sports Breaks FOOTBALL Kids Edition

A new addition to the Fantasy Sports Break line brings a new low priced product looking to grow the industry by targeting younger and newer collectors. The kids box will provide a lower price point to make cards more affordable to those that want to get started in the hobby and are looking to collect their favorite teams or players. 

Product Configuration: 10 Base Cards or Inserts + 1 Hit, Rookie or Superstar

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