2021 Bowman Chrome Baseball Hobby


12 Packs of 5 Cards.  2021 Bowman Chrome Baseball Cards breaks out another stellar year of fresh prospects, aspiring rookies, and proven superstars, on always-collectible chrome stock! Collect the entire 250-card Base & Chrome Prospect set, jam-packed with top-of-the-line veterans, rookies, and prospects from throughout baseball! This year’s release will feature a total of three different configurations.

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Configurations & Hits:

  • HOBBY: 12 master boxes/2 mini boxes/6 packs/5 cards
    • (2) Chrome Autographs in Every Box

2021 Bowman Chrome Baseball Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • 2021 Bowman Chrome Autographed Cards
    • Chrome Prospect Autographs
      • NEW Refractor Parallels: Speckle #’d to 299, Atomic #’d to 100, Yellow #’d to 75, Orange #’d to 25 HOBBY ONLYOrange Shimmer #’d to 25 HOBBY ONLYRed Shimmer #’d to 5
    • Chrome Rookie Autographs
    • Prime Chrome Signatures – #’d to 50
    • Dawn of Glory Autographs – Varied #’ing
    • NEW! 40 Man Futures Autographs – #’d to 99
    • 2020 Summer Camp Autographs – Varied #’ing
    • 2020 Summer Camp Short Print Autograph – #’d to 100
    • Bowman Ascensions Autographs – Varied #’ing
    • All American Game Autographs – Varied #’ing
  • 2021 Bowman Chrome Autographed Relic Cards
    • Chrome Autographed Relics – Varied #’ing
    • NEW! AFL Flashbacks Relics – Varied #’ing
  • 2021 Bowman Chrome Insert Sets – Look for an assortment of ALL-NEW variation themes and collectible insert sets!
    • Rookie Image Variations Short Print
    • NEW! 40 Man Futures (1:3 Packs) – Seeing your name on an MLB 40 man roster is a dream that many have, and for these top tier prospects, their time to shine on the diamond is just around the corner!
    • NEW! Bowman Ascensions (1:Hobby Case, 1:144 LITE Packs) – Designed by notable graphic design wizard and Topps collaborator Tyson Beck , this insert focuses on prospects and rookies who have set themselves apart from the rest as the elite of their respective class.
    • NEW! 2020 Summer Camp (1:6 Packs) – Prospect development hit a bit of a bump in the road in 2020, but that didn’t keep the superstars of tomorrow from finding some time on the diamond during the MLB 2020 Summer Camp setup.
    • NEW! 2020 Summer Camp Short Print
    • Dawn of Glory (1:12 Packs)
  • 250-Card Base & Chrome Prospect Set

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Release Date

9/24/2021 – Subject to change by Topps