2020 Topps Tribute Baseball Hobby Box



6 Packs of 3 Cards. 2020 Topps Tribute Baseball Cards delivers (6) Autographed, Autographed Relic or Relic Cards in Every Box! The first PREMIUM trading card release of the 2020 MLB season! Look for NEW, GUARANTEED Autographed Case Hit Content!! HOBBY EXCLUSIVE!

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2020 Topps Tribute Baseball Cards Box Hits:

  • (6) Autographed, Autographed Relic or Relic Cards

2020 Topps Tribute Baseball Cards CASE Hits:

  • (1) Franchise Best Autograph Card – NEW!
  • (1) Tribute to Great Hitters Autograph Card – NEW!
  • (2) 2020 MLB Rookie Cards

2020 Topps Tribute Baseball Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • (6) Autographed, Autographed Relic or Relic Cards in Every Box!
    • (3) Autographed or Autographed Relic Cards in Every Box!
      • Tribute Autographs – Featuring a high-end checklist that includes MLB veterans, elite rookies & retired icons, #’d TBD
      • Iconic Perspectives Autographs – Featuring current rookies, veterans and the game’s all-time greats, #’d to 99 or less!
      • League Inauguration Autographs – Featuring the top rookie names of the 2020 class, #’d to 99
      • Autograph Patches – Featuring game-used relic pieces of the top active veterans of Baseball with an ON-CARD signature. #’d to 50.
      • Tandem Tribute Book Card Autographs – A two-panel book card pairing veterans and retired players who share common bonds and/or similar playing styles. #’d to 25. Look for RARE Autograph Prime Patch Cards showcasing MLB Authenticated game-used memorabilia!
      • NEW! – Tribute to Career Achievement Award Autograph Continuity: Mike Trout– Commemorating the outstanding career of Mike TroutHARD-SIGNED and #’d 1-of-1.
      • NEW! – Franchise Best Autographs – The game’s best franchise players. #’d to 99 or less!
      • NEW! – Tribute to Great Hitters Autographs– The top active and retired hitters. #’d to 99 or less!
  • (3) Relic Cards in Every Box! – (One each of the following)
    • Milestone Relics – Featuring a swatch of baseball leather/hide from a milestone game during the 2019 season or a historic Baseball game from seasons past. #’d to 10. Look for Black JUMBO Autograph Parallels #’d 1/1!
    • Stamp of Approval Relic – Standard-sized, MLB Authenticated memorabilia pieces of active veterans and young stars, #’d to 150
    • Dual Relics – Featuring a checklist of both single player and dual player subject combinations. Each card will deliver two game-used memorabilia pieces, #’d to 150
    • Topps Tribute Relics – Featuring combinations of three game-used memorabilia pieces per card, #’d to 150
  • (12) Base Cards or Parallels in Every Box!
  • 2020 Rookies – (2) in Every Case! – Featuring the top 10 MLB rookies for 2020!

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February 12, 2019