2019 Donruss Football Hanger Box


50 Cards per box.  4 Rated Rookies or Rookies, 4 Parallels and 10 Inserts per box on average.

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2019 Donruss NFL Football Cards Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • Look for the iconic Rated Rookies of all the top players entering their first season in the NFL.
  • Chase the jersey number parallel (#’d/99 or less) and the RARE Aqueous Test parallel
  • (10) Inserts in Every Hanger Box!
    • NEW! Action All-Pros – New to 2019 Donruss. Includes some of the best players in the NFL and parallels to an autograph version max #’d to only 25!
    • NEW! Power Formulas – Highlighting players that are crucial to a winning football team. These inserts parallel to autograph versions limited to 49 copies or less!
    • Retro 1999 – HOBBY ONLY! Parallel to autograph versions max #’d to 25.
    • The Champ Is Here – Commemorating the 2018 Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots. Chase this 20-card insert set which highlights all the key players from the year’s biggest game. 
    • All-Time Gridiron Kings Studio Series – A staple in Donruss. Showcasing some of the best players the NFL has ever seen!
  • 2019 Donruss NFL Football Cards Base Set – Find a 250-card base checklist with all the top stars in the NFL. Look for the NEW! short printed base photo variations.

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