2019 Donruss Optic Baseball Blaster Box


Take the main Donruss design, vigorously splash some chromium, and you might end up with 2019 Donruss Optic Baseball.

Something of an extension to 2019 Donruss Baseball, the Optic side of the equation pushes the shine just as it did in 2018. Each Hobby box contains two autographs.

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Base Parallels: Pink (Blaster Exclusive), Holo (1:8), Pink Velocity (#d/199), Red White and Blue 150th Anniversary (#d/150), Purple Stars (#d/125), Orange (#d/99), We The People (#d/76), Blue (#d/75), Red (#d/60), Carolina Blue (#d/50), Teal Velocity (#d/35), Black (#d/25), Gold (#d/10), Green (#d/5), Gold Vinyl (#d 1/1)
Base 100-card set
Rated Rookies 50-card set
Diamond Kings 30-card set
All-Stars 20-card set

Parallels: Holo (1:265), Gold (#d/10), Gold Vinyl (#d 1/1)
Action All-Stars (1:9) 15-card set
Highlights (1:14) 10-card set
Optic Illusions (1:12) 12-card set
Rated Prospects (1:14) 10-card set 
The Rookies (1:14) 10-card set
Mythical (1:17) 8-card set
MVP (1:9) 15-card set
Peak Performance (1:7) 20-card set

On-Card Autograph Cards
Parallels: Pink Velocity (1:2,150), Holo (1:1,288), Purple (max #d/125), Orange (#d/99), Blue (#d/75), Red (#d/50), Light Blue (max #d/35), Black (max #d/25), Gold (max #d/10), Gold Vinyl (#d 1/1)
Rated Rookie Signatures (1:239) – 50-card set 
Rated Prospect Signatures (1:1,288) 15-card set
MVP Signatures (1:15,978) – 35-card set

Additional Autograph Cards
Parallels: Holo (max #d/99), Blue (max #d/50), Red (max #d/25), Gold (max #d/10), Green (max #d/5), Gold Vinyl (#d 1/1)
Rated Rookie Retro 1985 Signatures (1:1,613) – 20-card set (Base Autos Only)
Retro 1985 Signatures (1:1,613) 20-card set
Signature Series (1:1,613) – 20-card set
Significant Signatures (1:1,613) – 20-card set
Optic Autographs (1:1,613) – 20-card set

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Release Date

July 19, 2019 – subject to change by Panini