2019-20 Donruss Basketball Hanger Box


50 Cards per Box.  Look for Hanger Box Exclusive Green Flood Parallels.

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  • 50 cards
  • On average, each Hanger Box will have 3 Green Flood parallels and 3 Inserts!
  • Look for Hanger Box-Exclusive Green Flood Base and Rated Rookies parallels!
  • Find rare Rated Rookies Signatures Green Flood which fall only in the Hanger Box SKU!
  • Look for the following cardsets in the Hanger Box SKU:
    • Base
    • Base Green Flood
    • Rated Rookies
    • Rated Rookies Green Flood
    • Rated Rookies Signatures Green Flood
    • Signature Series
    • Jersey Series
    • Great X-Pectations
    • Great X-Pectations Green Flood
    • League Leaders
    • League Leaders Green Flood
    • Fantasy Stars
    • Fantasy Stars Green Flood
    • Franchise Features
    • Franchise Features Green Flood
    • Changing Stripes
    • Changing Stripes Green Flood
    • Complete Players
    • Complete Players Green Flood 

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