2018 Donruss Optic Football Collector’s Box


2018 Donruss Optic NFL Football Cards Collectors Box delivers (1) Base Holo, (5) Rated Rookies, (5) Rookies, (1) Rated Rookie Holo, (1) Rookie Holo, (1) Rookie Bronze), (1) Rated Rookies Bronze, (1) Bronze Autograph, (2) Inserts, (1) Rookie Threads or Rookie Threads Prime in Every Box!

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2018 Donruss Optic NFL Football Cards Collectors Box Hits:
(1) Base Holo
(5) Rated Rookies
(5) Rookies
(1) Rated Rookie Holo
(1) Rookie Holo
(1) Rookie Bronze
(1) Rated Rookies Bronze
(1) Bronze Autograph
(2) Inserts
(1) Rookie Threads or Rookie Threads Prime
2018 Donruss Optic NFL Football Cards Collectors Box PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:
Donruss Optic contains a 199-card set that features 100 Base, 50 Rated Rookies and 49 Rookies.
Rookie Phenoms Prime gives you the chance to score a memorabilia card of some of the hottest rookies. Find a treasure trove of some most youthful players in the game!
Rookies Autographs brings some of the newest talent in the league to light. Seek out some of the newcomers in the NFL with their autographed cards!
Elite Series is a twenty-five player set that highlights some of the hottest talent in the league. Featured are players like Tom Brady, Drew Brees & Leonard Fournette!
Donruss has always had a classic design unique to its own brand. The 1988 & 1998 Tribute sets takes you back in time to the classic Donruss look!
Fans of the Game features athletes & actors that share a love the game of football!

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