1991 Donruss Baseball Series 2 Hobby Box (Yellow)


36 packs per box, 15 cards plus one puzzle panel per pack.

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1991 Donruss is a 770-card set, issued in two series of 386 and 384 cards, respectively. This set marked the first time Donruss issued cards in multiple series.

First series cards feature blue borders and second series green borders with some stripes and the players name in white against a red background. Subsets include Diamond Kings (1-27), Rated Rookies (28-47/413-432), AL All-Stars (48-56), MVP’s (387-412) and NL All-Stars (433-441). There were also special cards to honor the award winners and the heroes of the World Series. On cards 60, 70, 127, 182, 239, 294, 355, 368, and 377, the border stripes are red and yellow. There are no notable Rookie Cards in this set.

Each pack contained a three-piece Willie Stargell puzzle panel.