1990-91 Skybox Basketball Series 2 Box


36 Packs of 15 Cards.  Look for Gary Payton and Derrick Coleman rookie cards.

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This 1990-91 set marks SkyBox’s entry into the basketball card market. The complete set contains 423 standard-size cards featuring NBA players. The set was released in two series of 300 and 123 cards, respectively. Foil packs for each series contained 15 cards. However, the second series packs contained a mix of players from both series. The second series cards replaced 123 cards from the first series, which then became short-prints compared to other cards in the first series. The front features an action shot of the player on a computer-generated background of various color schemes. The player’s name appears in a black stripe at the bottom with the team logo superimposed at the left lower corner. The photo is bordered in gold. The back presents head shots of the player with gold borders on white background. Player statistics are given in a box below the photo. The cards are checklisted below alphabetically according to team. Subsets are Coaches (301-327), Team Checklists (328-354), Lottery Picks (355-365), Updates (366-420), and Checklists (421-423). Rookie Cards of note included in the set are Derrick Coleman, Gary Payton, and Many More!!!

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