Lifelong Sports Fan Hits A Home Run with Sports Card Shop

Lifelong Sports Fan Hits A Home Run with Sports Card Shop

Avid sports card collector and longtime seller Joe Davis turned his childhood hobby into a flourishing business on eBay.

Editor’s note: In celebration of eBay’s 25th anniversary, we’re spotlighting a seller every week from our global community in our Mini Stories column through 2020.

Sports aren’t just about scores and final tallies. As any fan knows, baseball, football, basketball — they’re all about cheering favorite players, rising in the stands with the crowd at key moments, feeling that rush for your favorite team. Joe Davis, a longtime eBay seller, has made a career out of his passion for collecting cards, building on that team spirit and overall camaraderie. His ultimate goal is to bring others his joy in finding the perfect card. “The dollars are great, but the reward that comes from serving others by meeting their collecting needs means so much more to us,” Joe said.

Joe spends his days poring over card packs and listings with family and colleagues, searching for that one special card that will light up a fan’s face and make their day — or decade. Currently, Joe has more than 600,000 items listed in his eBay store, gotbaseballcards, and splits his time between his successful online store and his brick-and-mortar shop in Loganville, Georgia.

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