Configuration: 24 packs per box. 10 cards per pack. Bowman Baseball returns in April 2019 to establish this year’s prospect and rookie trading card market! Continue to find MLB-licensed trading cards of the game’s biggest prospects as well as 2019’s most promising rookies, as Bowman celebrates the 30th year since its 1989 return. 1 Autograph Card Per Hobby Box!

BASE & INSERT CARDS – As with prior releases, 2019 Bowman will feature a colorful rainbow parallel assortment of Base Cards and Top Prospects, as well as all NEW! insert subsets.
Base Cards – Showcasing MLB Veterans and 2018 Rookies.
– 8 parallels to chase, including the Hobby Exclusive Orange Border

Ready For The Show NEW! – Featuring the top 20 prospects who are MLB ready
– 5 parallels to chase, including the Hobby Exclusive Orange Refractor

30th Anniversary of the Return of Bowman NEW! – Featuring the best prospects and MLB stars in the 1989 Bowman design
– 7 parallels to chase, including the Hobby Exclusive Orange Refractor

RETURNING INSERT SUBSETS – 2019 Bowman will be returning its most popular insert subsets featuring a colorful rainbow assortment of parallels!
Paper & Chrome Prospects – Top prospects and up-and-comers in both paper and Chrome technology
– Paper Prospects – 8 parallels to chase, Hobby Exclusive Orange Border
– Chrome Prospects – 17 parallels to chase, NEW! – Speckle Refractor

ROY Favorites
– 5 parallels to chase, including the NEW! Atomic Refractor

Bowman Scouts’ Top 100,
– 5 parallels to chase

Talent Pipeline
– 5 parallels to chase

Bowman Sterling Continuity – HOBBY ONLY
– 5 parallels to chase

The 2019 Bowman Baseball Hobby Box will continue to deliver 1 autograph card per box.

Chrome Prospect Autographs – Featuring ON-CARD autographs of the top prospects of MLB.
– 13 parallels to chase, featuring the NEW! Speckle Refractor

Chrome Rookie Autographs – Autograph variations of the Rookie Base Cards on chrome technology with ON-CARD autographs.
– 7 parallels to chase

ROY Favorites Autographs – Highlighting top 2019 rookies with a limited edition autograph card. HOBBY SKUs ONLY
– 3 parallels to chase

1989 Bowman Buyback Autographs NEW!

Dual Bowman Prospect Autographs – HOBBY ONLY
– Featuring a rare 1-of-1 Superfractor

All-American Game Autographs – HOBBY ONLY

2019 Bowman Sterling Continuity Autographs – HOBBY ONLY
– 3 parallels to chase

2019 Bowman Ultimate Autograph Book Card – HOBBY ONLY
Featuring 24 signatures on a 6-Panel Book Card