1 Pack of 10 Cards delivers (4) Autographs Signed ON-CARD, (1) Base Parallel plus MULTIPLE Base Card Pattern Variations Every Box!

Every Case is GUARANTEED to deliver (1) 1992 Bowman Variation Insert Card plus (1) Numbered Insert Card!! A brand renowned for vivid color, puzzling arrays of parallels, and ON-CARD Autographs is coming to the Bowman Baseball portfolio. ALLOCATED

  • (4) Autographed Cards Signed ON-CARD in Every Box!
    • High Tek Autographs
      • Parallels – Tidal DiffractorGreen RainbowGold Rainbow (ALL #’d), Orange Magma Diffractor #’d to 25, Red Orbit Diffractor #’d to 5, Black Galactic Diffractor #’d 1/1, Black Rainbow #’d 1/1
    • ALL Insert Sets will have ON-CARD Autographed Numbered Variations!
  • 2017 Bowman High Tek Insert Cards
    • 1992 Bowman Variations – Today’s top MLB prospects featured on the iconic 1992 Bowman design, #’d – (1) in Every Case!
    • Bashers – Elite prospects and young MLB veterans renowned for prodigious power, #’d
    • 2017 Bowman Rookies – The 10 biggest MLB rookies of 2017
  • 2017 Bowman High Tek Base Cards – True to the High Tek brand, an extensive variety of Patterned Parallels will be featured, including:
    • Pattern 1 – Green Rainbow #’d, Gold Rainbow #’d to 50, Orange Magma Diffractor #’d to 25, Red Orbit Diffractor Limited, Black Galactic Diffractor #’d 1/1, Black Rainbow #’d 1/1