12 Packs of 5 Cards (60 Cards) – 2017 Topps Finest Baseball Cards delivers (2) Autographs, Signed ON-CARD in Every Master Box! Look for NEW! low-numbered Wave Autograph Parallels along with a variety of colorful and compelling insert subsets. This year’s release will also debut a NEW Autographed Case Hit!

Finest Finishes Autographs will highlight the most iconic conclusions in MLB history!

  • (2) Autographed Cards, Signed ON-Card in Every Box!
    • Finest Autographs – The best MLB veterans, All-Stars & Rookies on Chrome technology
    • Finest Firsts Autographs – 2017’s premier Rookie class
      • Refractor Parallels (for both of above): Blue #’d, Green #’d, Gold #’d, NEW! Blue Wave #’d TBD, NEW! Red Wave #’d, Orange #’d to 25, Red #’d to 5, SuperFractor #’d 1/1
    • NEW! Finest Finishes – Highlighting the most iconic conclusions in MLB history! – (1) in Every Case!
      • Refractor Parallels: Orange #’d to 25, Red #’d to 5, SuperFractor #’d 1/1
    • Finest Originals – An assortment of Topps Finest buybackswith an ON-CARD Autograph!
  • 2017 Topps Finest Insert Sets – A variety of NEW! insert subsets have been added to enhance collectibility and drive value!
    • NEW! Finest Breakthroughs – Top young stars of MLB
    • NEW! 1994-95 Finest Basketball style– Recreating the dynamic basketball design from the Finest brand’s earliest years, featuring a mix of elite veterans and retired greats.
    • Finest Firsts – Showcasing the biggest stars of 2017’s premier MLB Rookie class.
      • Refractor Parallels: Orange #’d to 25, Red #’d to 5, SuperFractor #’d 1/1
      • LOW #’d Autographed Variations!
    • Finest Career Die-Cuts – David Ortiz Tribute Set(2) in Every Case!
  • 2017 Topps Finest Base Set – Featuring the biggest MLB Veterans and Rookies on Chrome technology.
    • Refractor Parallels (for both of above): Regular, Purple #’d, Blue #’d, Green #’d, Gold #’d, Orange #’d to 25, Red #’d to 5, SuperFractor #’d 1/1