1 On-Card Encased Autograph Per Box. Topps Clearly Authentic combines clear acetate card technology with ON-CARD Autographs from the hottest rookies and superstars in MLB!

(1) Autographed Card in Every Box!

  • Clearly Authentic Autographs – Showcasing the 2017 Topps Baseball base card design on sturdy, acetate technology. Subjects will receive new imagery and include veteran and rookie players. Autographs will be signed directly on-card and each card will be encased.
    • Parallels – Green #’d to 99 or less, Red #’d to 50 or less, Blue #’d to 25 or less, Gold #’d 1/1
  • Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs – Highlighting reprinted Topps Baseball cards from the past on clear acetate technology. Players from these iconic Topps cards will sign their autograph directly on-card and each card will be encased.